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Sleeping Tablets Online is your store for one thing only. A good night’s sleep. Our herbal sleeping aid shop offers free delivery and a range of natural choices for a better night’s sleep. Whether it’s herbal, mineral, organic and vegan, our sleeping tablets online order service doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Great prices to take one less piece of anxiety away for you. Shop for sleeping tablets online with us today.


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Hemp Pills

With it's emerging recognition as an anxiolytic supplement, hemp derived products as a sleep aid may help you


Sleep Teas

From chamomile to lavender, sage and a world of established herbs used to improve mood and sleep



Melatonin infused tablets and capsules for those that want their herbal sleep aids to regulate the biological clock



5-HTP works in the brain by helping to release serotonin, which is study backed to assist in improved sleep.

FAQs On Sleeping Tablets

Some call them sleeping tablets, others look for sleep aids, whatever your question, we will try to tackle the key ones here. Note, as a business we only stock natural sleep aids, and do not stock over the counter (OTC) medication. Sleeping tablets are more commonly in medical circles considered to be a prescription based product, ‘Sleeping Tablets Online’ at this stage can only stock what are otherwise considered to be natural sleeping aids.

What are Sleeping Tablets?

Sleeping tablets are a soporific or hypnotic class of psychoactive drugs. These have the action of inducing sedation and promoting sleep. This is why generally recognised sleeping tablets are a prescription product.

Do I need a prescription for sleeping tablets

When it comes to  buying sleeping tablets that are soporifics, you would need a Dr’s prescription. ALL the sleeping aids sold online with ‘Sleeping tablets Online’ however, are herbal in origin and require NO prescription.

Do natural sleeping tablets work?

Many factors cause sleep deprivation or disorders, as discussed by this Cedars-Sinai Report. Therefore what may help in one case, may not help in every case. Lavender is one famous natural sleep aid which has been shown to promote sleep through anxiety relief. The Anxiolytic Effect.

How do sleeping tablets work?

There are various mechanisms through which sleeping pills help you sleep. Some of the sleeping pills tend to boost or support the natural sleeping mechanisms of the body to induce sleep. These medications support the natural mechanisms to cause sleep. Other medications are actually sedatives. These medications induced sedation and help you fall into sleep.

Are Sleeping Tablets Safe?

Yes sleeping tablets are fairly safe. These medications interact with sleep inducing pathways causing induction of sleep. Like other sedatives and hypnotics, minimal dependence all tolerance is associated with sleeping tablets. Tolerance and dependence are the factors that make the sedative & hypnotics “a dangerous class of drugs”. But these drugs are that associated with development of tolerance or dependence in the patient. So, these drugs are safer to use.

What are the side effects of sleeping tablets?

There is a wide range of side effects caused by sleeping tablets. The side effects are associated with individual drug. Certain sleeping pills are associated with headache, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, vertigo, weakness, drowsiness, and loss of appetite.

Are Sleeping Tablets Addictive

No, addiction associated with sleeping drugs is minimal to non-existent. Some sleeping tablets likes benzodiazepines may cause addiction to some extent. This type of addiction is known as dependence. The body becomes psychologically and physically dependent upon the sleep medications. The risk of development of dependence with drugs like zolpidem is minimum. So, sleep tablets are regarded non addictive drugs.

Are Sleeping Tablets bad for you?

Sleeping tablets are not bad if you take them at the prescription of the doctor. Dose of the sleeping tablets is important. You must not take an overdose of the sleeping tablets. Sleeping tablets can be bad when taken without physician’s prescription and intake of incorrect dose of the sleeping tablets.

Can Sleeping Tablets Cause High Blood Pressure?

Sleep hours and sleep quality interact with rhythm of body functions including heart rate and blood pressure. Some studies suggest that the sleeping tablets cause high blood pressure if the sleeping tablets are taken regularly. So, you must be cautious while taking the sleeping pills regularly. If sleeping pills are taken at intervals when direly needed, these drugs are particularly safe for your cardiovascular system and do not cause any hypertension or related disorder.

Can Sleeping Tablets Cause Cancer

Cancer is caused by mutation of the cells resulting in unregulated division of the cells. Sleeping pills are not carcinogenic i.e. sleeping pills do not cause cancer. Scientific evidence supports the view of the non carcinogenic nature of sleeping pills. So, these medications are not associated with cancer. Long- or short-term use of sleeping pills does not cause any cancer as far as any scientific research suggests.

What Sleeping Tablets Can I Take When Pregnant?

Sleeping pills like Zolpidem and Melatonin are associated with least side effects and are safe in pregnancy. Pregnant women must not take any over the counter or other medications without physician’s prescription. Pregnant women must consult their physician before using any sleeping pill.

When Do Sleeping Tablets Not Work?

Sleeping pills do not work in conditions like extreme anxiety, fear, fright, depression, and intense emotional sentiments. All these conditions strongly disturb mental peace, and these are associated with sleep deprivation. Sleeping pills may not be effective in such conditions. Upon physician’s prescription, treatment for anxiety and depression must be sought before using sleep medications. After taking antidepressants and anxiolytics, sleeping pills may start working. If you feel that the sleeping pills are not working, consult your physician.

Can I Use Sleep Aids While Breastfeeding?

Yes, sleeping pills can be taken while you are breastfeeding your neonate. The chances of excretion of these drugs into milk and causing any adverse reaction in the child are extremely low. Some antidepressants may be excreted into the milk. These sleeping pills main cause mild symptoms like sedation, drowsiness, and headache in the child. So, it is better to consult the physician before taking sleeping pills during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can You Get Sleep Aids Without Side Effects?

Almost each medication is associated with some side effects. Even the safest sleeping pills may cause dependence and hypertension to some extent. But medications like Zolpidem and Melatonin are relatively safe. These medications cause no dependence. Some medications cause specific side effects in certain individuals depending upon their genetics. So, sleeping tablets must not be taken without physician’s advice. In case you feel any side effect of the sleeping pill, immediately contact your physician.

What Are Sleeping Tablets With Melatonin

Melatonin is available in market under numerous brands. All these medications involve varying quantity of Melatonin. Do consult your physician for prescription of sleeping pills depending on need.

Do Sleeping Tablets With Melatonin Work?

Melatonin is a natural hormone that acts on the brain centers that control sleep. Sleep medications containing Melatonin stimulates natural pathways inducing sleep. Melatonin medications are safe drugs for insomnia. Melatonin like drugs make up the deficiency of melatonin to simulate its action on the brain areas stimulating sleep.

Are Sleeping Tablets With Melatonin Safe?

Yes, sleeping medications containing melatonin are safe. These are analogs of natural hormones. The chances of causing adverse drug reactions are low. The chances of addiction while using Melatonin sleeping pills are also low. As compared to other over the counter sleep inducing drugs, Melatonin drugs are preferable.

Should You Use Sleeping Tablets With Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is the condition in which there is shortness of breath while you are asleep. The cause of sleep apnea is the relaxation of throat muscles. These muscles fall back into the throat and obstruct the respiratory pathway while a person is asleep. The shortness of breath caused by this process leads to breaking of the sleep. Sleeping tablets are also associated with the relaxation of throat muscles and hence they may precipitate an acute episode of sleep apnea. So, you should be cautious before taking sleeping pills if you are a diagnosed patient of sleep apnea.

What Are Sleeping Aids With Sertraline?

Melatonin and Zolpidem are used with sertraline. One aspect of using sleep medications along with antidepressants is that the antidepressants are associated with deprivation of sleep in certain patients. So the physician might prescribe sleeping pills in addition to the antidepressant regimen. But on the other hand, simultaneous use of sleeping pill & antidepressants like diphenhydramine and sertraline respectively may increase the risk of side effects. These are dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. So, the simultaneous use of sleeping pills with sertraline should be avoided.

Do Sleep Aids With Sertraline Work?

Yes, certain sleeping pills do work with sertraline. But the chances of adverse drug reaction are there depending upon the type of sleeping pill used. So, the use of sleeping pills while taking sertraline should be first consulted with the physician.

Are Herbal Sleeping Aids With Sertraline Safe?

Herbal sleeping aids are highly effective to be used with sertraline. The minimal drug interaction of herbal sleeping aids with sertraline hail these products higher importance. Natural and herbal sleeping medications do not interfere with the normal functioning and excretion of antidepressants like sertraline. The use of herbal sleeping aids is thus safe.

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